Thursday, January 31, 2013

Building Connections Through Social Collaboration

As I finish up my CrossPaper Fellowship on Building Connections Through Social Collaboration I need to continue making sense of new research, tools, and resources. This will be my place of ramblings, ideas and suggestions how to connect and engage students through social collaboration.  In my upcoming posts I will layout the framework I developed (pictured below) so my rambling make sense to you.


  1. Penny, please let me know when your monograph is available. I would love to start sharing it with people. I participated in a Google Hangout today with a few people from the EDCMOOC and we talked about the skills involved in creating a social presence. I want to share the work you have been doing in this area. It's much needed. Beth

    1. Beth I will let you know. It is currently in the last stages of editing and should be available in mid-March