Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Changing Your Brain & Personal Knowledge Management

As I continue to "Make Sense" of my model and further define what it fully means I have been reading a great deal more on knowledge management and how we share that knowledge.  One blog post I have found of interest is Reading This Post Will Change Your Brain!  It brought to the forefront for me as stated in the post that everything we do changes our brain - from making tea to using social media to learn.  To build connections in a social network we will need to change and think about how those changes are impacting  our technology use, the way we communicate and how we allow those change to impact our learning.

Two common arguments I often hear about social media in education is students do not want us in their personal/non-academic spaces and the issue of privacy. Yes these arguments could be valid.  However,  they can be overcome with thoughtful implementation of social media.  If educators share experiences of successful use of social media for their own professional development, it can prompt students to further expand their use of social media.  As they see a value earned in sharing, they in turn may begin to understand new uses for the knowledge gained.

I am still wading through the huge breadth of materials available on knowledge management.  These are just a few beginning thoughts.  My paper touches on the importance of this topic, but does not even begin to go to the depths needed to fully collaborate in the new social world, which is expanding everyday.

How do you manage and/or share your knowledge?

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  1. Various factors are affecting personal knowledge management. Thanks for this helpful post.